The Perils Of Big Boobs

This is the final part in my “The Perils Of Big Boobs” series, it seems to have gone down well and I may do some more posts on it in the future.
Slogan Tees

I don’t think there is a single person out there that doesn’t have a slogan tee, but when buying them do you go for a baggy or fitted style? Baggy is always the better option for me, but if I fall in love with a more fitted style then I have to be very careful when making the decision of whether to actually buy or not, and the question to ask is “Do I want those words stretched across my chest?”. At least part of the slogan, if not all of it, is always lined up to go directly across the chest area and you are inviting people to stare at your chest, which leads me perfectly to…


Bless them, a good percentage of them will just be drawn to looking at that area so do you really want to give them more reason to by having something for them to read right across your boobs. It’s a compliment really that they are clearly good enough that they want to look at them but you can get to the point where you’re sick of talking to someone who doesn’t even have the decency to look at your face once in a while “No that’s not eye contact, it’s nipple contact. Now look up before you lose something” Aren’t I a treat 🙂 Not saying you can never look boys, but just remember my face is up here ↑ and

I hope you’ve enjoying reading this little series, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it 🙂
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