The Perils Of Big Boobs

Whilst the title of this post would lead you to believe I do not enjoy having larger boobs, this is not the case! I am an E cup and I love them, but like most things in life nothing is perfect and there are downsides to having larger boobs, so listen up all you jealous smaller breasted ladies because I’m about to tell you why you shouldn’t be praying for bigger ones, and for my fellow D+ ladies I’ll be adding in a little way around them. This will be a 3 part series and the rest will be posted the following 2 Fridays 🙂

Bra Shopping

I could lust over bras all day! All the pretty colours, the different styles, lace, sequins, patterns, etc, I have a major case of bra love but sadly bra shopping is not always a fun experience for me. Whilst a girl of a B or C cup can walk into any underwear shop and find a ton of bras straight away, I have to check if there is any point in even looking because most brands don’t actually go above a D. So whilst you’re deciding how much you have to spend and which beautiful bra you should buy, I’m checking all the labels to see what they go up to.
When you actually find larger sizes it’s not all plain sailings from there because you have the potential problem of the bras being ugly because they don’t want to put as much detailing on the bigger sizes due to the effort and timing it would take to make them. Also, most bigger sizes are ridiculously overpriced, which is especially not on when it’s plain and boring, because supposedly “it’s got so much more material” warranting a massive jump in the price.
If you are actually lucky enough to find a bra you like which comes in your size you then have the potential that it’s completely sold out because there are so many larger breasted ladies and they’ve snapped it up before you. I had this problem when I popped into Victoria’s Secret in Bluewater at the weekend 🙁
Luckily, there are a lot more places these days which only sell D+ bras, making you more likely to find your size, including Bravissimo (D-L) who have 21 stores across the UK but also have a website if you don’t like going in store. Another is Brastop! (D-K) who are solely online but sell brand name bras, including Ultimo and Wonderbra, at cheaper prices.

Do you have this problem, where do you buy larger sized bras from?
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