The Perils Of Big Boobs

Part 2 of 3 in my “The Perils Of Big Boobs” Series
Wearing Shirts

The whole Peter Pan collar dress trend has never appealed to me but lately I have noticed quite a few shirts with them on and I’m growing fonder of them every day, but if I was to try out the trend I would have to avoid anything with buttons because buttoned shirts and big boobs do not mix.
I find when it comes to buying a shirt I have two options, either go for my usual size which leads to a gaping hole usually between the third and fourth button and my boobs in turn feeling like they are being strapped down from the shirt being stretched across that area.
The other option is that I go up in size, but depending on the fit and tailoring of the shirt I could have to go up to 2 sizes larger than my everyday choice, which then leads me to look like I’ve decided to wear a tent out. I know festival season is almost upon us but I don’t think that’s quite the look they were hoping to catch on.
Blouses are definitely the way around this! Blouses are not tailor made nor fitted to size as much as a shirt, and generally tend to have a floaty style about them so you are not as constricted and don’t have to change your sizing, now I just have to cross my fingers that I can actually work the trend.

Do you have this problem, or do you have any tips to get around this?
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