The Goodies: MultiVitality Boost By HealthSpan

The lovely Sylvie from FuelMyBlog sent my details to HealthSpan who selected me to try out their MultiVitality Boost, “a fast dissolving energy drink to help overcome tiredness and fatigue”. You get 30 sachets in a packet in two different flavours, Orange and Mixed Berry, for only £6.95.

Work can be quite stressful at times and I always seem to be quite tired as the day goes on and don’t always want to go to the gym after work unless I have some kind of energy boost which is usually diet coke and sweets which is obviously not the best choice before a gym session so these came in perfect.

Each Multivitality Boost sachet works out at just 29p, which is a bargain compared to the amount you could spend on a cup of coffee, a fizzy drink or anything else to give you a quick boost. I preferred the Mixed Berry flavour but that is because I am quite fussy with Orange flavoured stuff in general.

I would suggest the first time you have a sachet to play around with the amount of water you use because the taste can take some getting used to, I personally preferred it with a larger glass of water because I found the taste quite sharp but once I had worked out my measurements I was very happy with it, and got the boost I needed.

I would definitely recommend this as a healthy alternative to getting an energy boost, whether it’s before going to the gym like me, to give you a boost in the morning after a heavy night out or whatever is your preference. Let me know what your favourite flavour is, or if you have tried any of HealthSpan’s other products?

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