The Glamour: #LDNBBMeet & SheSaidBeauty

Last week I attended the #LDNBBMeet and SheSaidBeauty event, arranged by Sophia, with the help of Sophie, and a lady I have been wanting to meet for a very long time now, Lisa.

The #LDNBBMeet took place at Selfridges in London, which was an opportunity for bloggers of all kinds to meet up and roam the Beauty Halls together. Getting the chance to meet people they had followed and spoken to on Twitter for ages, to meet other bloggers if you had only just begun and just a general excuse to lust over make up. So you can imagine the scene outside the front of Selfridges when we all descended upon it. The men of London were definitely pleased, I spied a number of them checking out some of the ladies.
I was very excited to finally get the chance to meet Louise and Bex who I have actually spoken to for years now, after finding them on the More Magazine Facebook page when it was a really close knit community and we then all descended into blogging from it but managed to still stay in touch 🙂

Of course I attended with Charli, you know us, 2 for 1 special. We didn’t make any purchases in Selfridges because I work in Debenhams and I get discount on a lot of the brands there, so Charli and I went and lusted over all the designer bags instead, a lot of them made their way onto the lottery win wish list, and made our way back to the rest of the girls at a time that had been set.
We got to meet the gorgeous and super lovely Ysis, who had booked a taxi to take the three of us to SheSaidBeautyHQ for the evening event which a number of the girls were attending, and we ended up being the first to arrive. We got to have a nose around their offices… Which P.S has table tennis and introduced ourselves to some of the team.

A huge thank you to the SheSaidBeauty team for letting me attend, and for being very accepting of the chaos Charli and I brought to the event once we were directed towards the Prosecco, especially to Mark and Ben who got the treat of being our (through no choice of their own) new best friends for the night.
There was a short introduction on the brands; HD Brows, Millie Mackintosh Lashes, Filthy Gorgeous and Illamasqua, that were lovely enough to be offering treatments to us bloggers for the evening. I had a makeover with Illamasqua, who made a gorgeous speckled effect across my eyes with eyeliners, which was a big hit for a lot of people, and showed me how lipstick is also a great blush. I saw the Millie Mackintosh team and had the Belvedere eyelashes put on. I have only ever worn false eyelashes once, and they felt very heavy and I wasn’t sure I liked them, but these were amazing. So light, I actually forgot I was even wearing them and they made my eyes look great!

The team put together an amazing goody bag together for each of us to take home and I am so excited to try out all the products. I want to attempt to recreate the looks that I was given with the combination of Illamasqua and Millie Mackintosh lashes, and actually get a photo of it this time and I completely forgot on the night… Yes I’m sure it was the Prosecco too.

I have always loved the look of Illamasqua products and heard such good things, but I have never actually owned any so to finally have something of theirs in my collection is just fab. I can’t wait to try out the falsies again, and the Mayfair set I was given too. I am a total girl so I love the pink polish I got from FilthyGorgeous, I have lusted over there products a number of times but convinced myself I don’t need any more polishes but now I have one I might have to get another couple, I don’t want it to get lonely.

I absolutely love the Collection 2000 Fix Me Up Spray, and I now have about 4 bottles of it, but I can’t get enough of it so I’m pleased to increase my collection of these. I could sit here all night and rave about all the products but I have probably bored you all enough by now, so all that’s left to say is once again…
Thank you SheSaidBeauty for a lovely evening, and to all the ladies for organising such a fantastic event. All your hard work was definitely worth it!
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