The Glamour: The Big Reunion Christmas Party

I am going to see The Big Reunion Christmas Party and I am beyond excited.

Charli heard there were new tours dates added in December for a special Christmas edition of the tour so of course we both straight on every ticket site looking for the best prices and best seats and we ended up with a massive bargain.

We managed to stall seats in the O2 for only £40, and we were like children screaming and jumping around telling everyone about it.

I don’t think many people have our love for the old school cheesy 90s and 00s bands but it’s what we grew up on and have never given up on that love. That will be our countdown after our holiday and birthdays.

Now we just have everything crossed that the rumours that S Club 7 are going to be on the next edition of the show are true, it would make me so intensely happy! Sad but true, I have so much S Club love!
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