The Girl With All The G’s

I welcome everyone to the birth of Glamour. Glitter. Gloss. A brand new blog from a 24 year old shopaholic London girl, obsessed with all things glitter, dreaming of one day living a glamourous lifestyle somewhere hot and sunny… Complete with my very own walk in wardrobe!

My posts will be split into different categories;
The Glamour. Posts on topics including Hauls and Events such as Fashion Weekend, anything I find Glamourous or delusionally think will make myself look more Glamourous… Like I said sometimes I’m in a dream world 🙂
The Glitter. Well I think the title says it all really! Anything that is even the slightest bit Glitter related, this could be make up, a new top, a photo I’ve taken that has something glittery. I’m sure you get it!
The Gloss. Gloss wins over lippy every time for me. Lipstick just doesn’t sit right on my lips, but this won’t just be about my thoughts on all my glosses but my thoughts on all cosmetics, new and old.
The Geek. I’d like to introduce you to my boyfriend… His name is Kindle 🙂 Yes I am head over heels in love with my Kindle, so here you will find my reviews of books I have read, and also films, TV shows and games I have seen or played.
The Goodies. I am a baking and food lover and I will be posting pictures and recipes of food I have baked, but I am also trying to eat more healthy as I am total junk food addict so I will be posting updates on how my attempt at being healthy is going.
The Girl. This is where I will be posting rare posts and updates about myself, I am not that interesting so I don’t think there will be too many of these posts. But who knows, maybe I’ll be convinced to do some outfit posts so you might see a bit of me but for know I will remain a mystery.
Just call me Triple G xxx
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