The Girl: My Easter Weekend

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend, and for those lucky few that got longer off I hope that you enjoyed that too. I only had Easter Sunday off as it’s one of only two days a year that my store closes, ohhh the joys of retail. My Mum made plans for us to go to London and have a family day out, which we all really enjoyed.

We got to London a bit earlier than we needed to, and due to diversions on the trains we had to go to Victoria rather than Charing Cross, but this worked out well because we ended up having to walk past Buckingham Palace to make it to our destination. Although I am a Londoner through and through, I’ve never really stopped and took in Buckingham Palace, probably because I don’t really care for the royals too much but we decided to do the tourist thing and take loads of pictures of it.

Next stop was Covent Garden to look at all the eggs in the Big Egg Hunt. For anyone who doesn’t know the Big Egg Hunt sees 101 eggs decorated, travel across the UK where people can hunt for them with them finally returning to London before being auctioned off with the proceeds going to Action For Children. We did not get round to seeing all 101 eggs but we definitely found at least half of them. To see more photos, hop over to my Blog’s Facebook Page where I have posted the rest of the photos I took.

We went to Ed’s Diner for lunch as my little sister is obsessed with their cheesy chips, and it’s one of the few places I will actually eat chips. I had a slick dog, which is a hot dog with cheese sauce and bacon bits sprinkled on top. It was massive and I couldn’t make it through the whole thing (day off the diet clearly) and shared some cheesy chips with my Mum. I tried a piece of my little sister’s chicken and to be honest I wish I had ordered that instead, but I still enjoyed what I could eat of my meal.

And finally, the actual reason why we went to London in the first place… Potted Potter. My Mum booked us tickets as an Easter treat to Potted Potter, a comedy show where two guys, Dan and Jeff, take you through the entire seven books in seventy minutes. My little sister and step dad love Harry Potter, they’ve seen the films, are currently in the process of reading the books and we’ve all been to Harry Potter World. Me and Mum are not too fussed by it either way to be honest, but the show was absolutely hilarious and I would recommend it to anyone, even if you’re not a Harry Potter fan. My Mum laughed so much she snorted… Which was even more amusing for me. But I honestly did not stop laughing, and we got to play Quidditch.
Good food + Family Time + A lot of laughs = A great Easter Sunday for me. How did you spend yours?
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