The Girl: Countdown Crazy

I’m quite the excited little blogger right now, I seem to have a lot of exciting thing to look forward to right now so I thought I’d work out how long until each thing and bore you all with the details 🙂

On the 26th April I begin my 3 day weekend of being a blogger for High Street Fashion Week. You have seen me write a series of interview with different brands that will be appearing at either the Pop Up Boutique or in the catwalk shows, and I can’t wait to finally get to meet the lovely people behind the brands, see the bits they sell up close and watch my gorgeous friend Hannah walk down the catwalk for two of the brands.

On the 10th May I am going to Brighton for a long weekend with my friend Ameera, and on the Friday we will be seeing Micky Flanagan at the Brighton Centre with his Back In The Game Tour. We have ended up going to Brighton for a weekend in May for three years now so it seems to have become a slight tradition, so it worked out well that his tour was on this date.

For anyone who doesn’t know already, I LOVE MAGALUF. I have been on holiday there three times and I worked over there for a short period of time another year so of course I had to book to go again. It is exactly 7 weeks today and I could not be more excited, especially as we are going for two weeks. I am going with fellow blogger, and my future wife Charli and we have been countdown mad for months now.

On 18th August I will be turning the grand old age of 25. I should feel really old but I party and enjoy myself too much to be worrying about that, and I definitely won’t be slowing down because of it. I’m not 100 for god sake. And how will I be celebrating…

By going to Kavos the day after my birthday with my friend from work, Sam. I have never been to Kavos and we were both talking about holidays and she mentioned how she hadn’t been in ages so I had a quick snoop at some prices and we found an absolute bargain with Club 18-30, I feel like a traitor to my 2wentys background but the price was too great to say no.
Everything is just getting closer and closer, and I just can’t contain my excitement. Luckily I haven’t got to the point where I’m telling strangers in the street how long till things but I could see it getting to that. What are you currently counting down to?
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