The Girl: Brighton Weekender

This weekend I went to Brighton with my friend Ameera to see Micky Flanagan at The Brighton Centre so we decided when we booked that we would make a whole weekend of it.

We stayed in The Market Inn which was a cute little pub that had two rooms above it that you could book, at a bargain price of only £80 each for Friday to Sunday, including breakfast. We stayed in the Prince Regent room, which we just stood and laughed when we arrived because it screamed “the place to rekindle love if you’re like 80” but we loved it.
I have just paid off my second holiday so I had to be careful with my money for the weekend so our first stop was the 99p store where we stocked up on lots of snacks, drinks and even a few DVDs because when you rock back to your room at 2am you might want to watch something and nothing is on then.

On Friday we saw Micky, who was extremely funny but a few of his jokes did go right over our heads as he spoke a lot about the 70s. He is in his 50s, I was really surprised! We had dinner beforehand at a Mexican and I had fajitas, which had duck marinated in orange in them. They were delicious and I would love to recommend them to you all but I have completely forgotten the name of the restaurant.

Saturday was party night, and we started early by having lunch in the Wetherspoons. I had bacon carbonara and garlic bread, pubs are definitely stepping it up on the food side!

With a side of cocktails! We went for the good old classic Spoons offer, 2 pitchers for £12. I had Sex On The Beach and Ameera got a Cosmopolitan but I need to teach the girl some tricks on downing drinks because I’m always finished ages before! Alcoholic problems 🙂

We went for dinner that night at Fat Joes, and it was awful! I had a row with a member of the staff on arrival and then the food made Ameera sick. They had put a service charge on the bill but I refused to pay because of those problems and the fact that the waitress kept looking us up and down. The next table leaned over and told us they weren’t paying either and had the exact same problems!

We then went onto Yates and I was now in the mood to get severely drink to forget the shit experience! I wore a black floaty dress which has a part backless, part sheer back, excuse the poor photography I was drunk at this point.

My face for the evening included VIVO Gold Dust, MUA Shimmer Kisses blusher and a selection of brown and gold shades from the MUA Immaculate Collection Palette. I used Maybelline Rocket Volume Express mascara, which I am in love with right now, and I did have a Givenchy Coral lipgloss on too but I hadn’t recently applied when I took the picture.

I got rather drunk, to the point of walking home with my Kurt Geiger’s in my hand, walking through puddles and singing as loud as I could possibly get and announcing that I didn’t know the whole song.

I woke up this morning to find over 70 pictures I’d taken of myself on my phone and finding I’d already uploaded some to Instagram but thankfully they weren’t too horrific and they had likes so it wasn’t all bad hehe.

So I’m now sitting on the train making my way back to reality, with my £1 Glamour magazine and my Rachel and Friends Diet Cokes because obviously they don’t have my name so why not go for a friends name and friends in general. Hope you all had a good weekend!

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