The Christmas Tag

1. Do you prefer a real Christmas tree or synthetic?
I would love to have a real tree but with my hayfever being so bad, that basic nature irritates me eyes and nose, it would not be realistic for me to have one, and I would hate the clean up when it sheds.
2. You’re in a coffee shop, it’s December, what do you pick?
I avoid coffee shops like the plague as I hate the smell, it makes my physically gag so I would be waiting outside making a friend order something with marshmallows on top and just steal them.
3. What’s your favourite colour scheme for decorating the tree?
I love how a tree looks when you go with silver as a base colour and then have just one other colour mixed in with it, like silver and blue or silver and pink. I also love the clear baubles that have delicate patterns on them.
4. Giving or receiving?
Both, as everyone’s answer secretly is! Who doesn’t love getting presents, but I do love surprising someone with something I know they’ll love.
5. To mince pie or not to?
God no! They are beyond wrong and shouldn’t be made!
6. What’s your traditional Sunday lunch?
On a regular Sunday? I love lamb for a Sunday lunch, smothered in mint sauce. On Christmas, we usually have lamb and chicken with all the trimming. Oh just the thought of stuffing and sausages wrapped in bacon makes me drool. I’ll skip the vegetables mind!
7. Christmas day fashion?
It depends where I’m spending Christmas. If I’m at my Dads then we usually have dinner at my Aunts with a lot of the family so everyone gets dresses up and the heels come out. If I’m with my Mum then it’s a lot more chilled, we still dress up but the heels stay on the shoe wall.
8. What’s your favourite Christmas song?
All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey.
9. What’s your favourite Christmas film?
The Nightmare Before Christmas for the child inside me, and The Santa Clause. My Mum loves a Christmas film and I usually see Deck The Halls and Four Christmases at least a dozen times a year.
10. Open presents before or after lunch?
Preferably before, who can really hold out knowing there is wrapped presents for them just waiting to be opened, but if family are coming over then we always keep one to open together.
There you have it, The Christmas Tag, I am officially tagging all who read this to do the post too. Leave your link if you do, I’d love to read all your Christmassy thoughts.
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