Summer Holiday

In May I had my standard yearly fix of Magaluf with Charli, and the plan was to go for a long weekend in Paris at the end of August with a couple of the girls from work… Scratch that, I’m off to Magaluf again.

Paris VS Magaluf
Paris, 28 – 31 August

Travelling to Paris via Eurostar, staying in a hotel, spending the day at Disneyland and going up the Eiffel Tower was going to cost us around £350 and that wasn’t including daily food, travel to and from within Paris or what we would do with ourselves the rest of the time we were there. It was very much a ‘who doesn’t want to go to Paris’ kind of trip when we first arranged it.

Magaluf, 26 – 31 August

An extra two days away, flying to Magaluf, staying in an apartment, going to a water park, the Glow Paint Party at BCM, Pirates Reloaded, a Booze Cruise and a night in Panamas where it’s €20 for 4 hours of drinking it was only going to cost around £100 more. Also our room has a mini kitchen so we wouldn’t have to rely on eating out everyday (Lidls is round the corner too) and there’s an alcohol shop just down the road where you can get a large bottle of Apple Schnapps for €5. How was it ever even a competition! And just an added bonus, all three girls I’m going with have never been before.

The Magaluf Ginge, The Midget Wino, The One Who Lives In A Wine Glass and The One Who Can Drink You Under A Table are going to Magaluf in two months!
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