Race For Life 2014, Crystal Palace

Today I took part in the Race For Life 10k in Crystal Palace with three of my friends, here’s a recap of my day in Instagram pictures.
The day started at 10am, and Mel and I were the first to arrive out of our Debenhams Crew and got to work pinning our numbers on and getting ourselves ready for the main event 🙂
 I lost Gemma to cancer 3 years ago, Ross is currently fighting Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Emily is officially in remission after her recent battle with cancer. Two of the girls lost their parents to cancer and this year was the 10th anniversary, so it was decided 10k for 10 years.
Thousands participated in the race, and it started with motivational speeches, the cancer slam dance and some man with a microphone (that should be not invited back in my personal opinion)
 For three untrained girls, and one who is an expert on a treadmill but not on outside terrain, we hit the 6k mark after just an hour. Taking part in a group saw the time fly by, I don’t know if I’d have been as motivated or oblivious to the time if I had done it alone.
 We finished with a respectable time of 1 hour and 38 minutes! They split you in to three groups; runners, joggers and walkers and expected the walkers to not finish until at least well over an hour and a half so we were very proud of our time.
 L-R: Mel, Me, Alison and Lizzie
I am just proud of what we did, I sound like a broken record but I really am. We stayed together throughout and crossed the finish line together. We raised money for a great charity and between us got somewhere roughly in the ball park of £1,000 and I am so glad we took part together.
Now I’m off to celebrate with pizza, alcohol and cheesy musicals that I can sing along to at the top of my lungs… Whilst wearing my medal, right? If anyone wants to donate to Cancer Research you can on my JustGiving page 🙂
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