Overnights and A Future Giveaway

Tired is an understatement! Retail can be a tiring job on a normal week, but throw Christmas in the ring and a massive sale and you’ve got tired and stress competing for top spot in your life, and for me tired was definitely the winner last week!

To get the store ready for our Mega Sale, and to make sure it looked perfect for customers come morning I worked a number of overnight shifts last week, which is 6pm to 6am, and some odd late and early shifts so my sleeping pattern was all over the place, and obviously I was in no fit state to blog. I have so many posts planned but it’s the getting a moment to sit down and type them all up that seems to be the problem, especially as I have another load of overnights next week but I’m hoping that week I can find some spare time to schedule some to keep you going until I’m back to normal shifts. Any tips from full time workers, who do shift work and blog, would be much appreciated?

The exciting part of this post that I’m sure most of you are more interested in than my work life is I have a giveaway coming up. The reason I have not posted it yet is because I am waiting for the items to be delivered and I don’t want to post it and then have to remove something if there are any problems and I want to get a good photograph of it all together. I will give you a little preview though and say that it includes… Eylure and Burts Bees.

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