OOTN: Trolley Dolly

Sometimes the best nights out are the unexpected ones, where the plans come together just a few hours before the event actually takes place. Last night was definitely one of those nights! Most of the “Original Childrenswear Crew” reunited to crash a friend’s birthday party, and what was simply going to be a trip to two pubs and then back to one of the girl’s free house, ended with us all amazingly smashed and we definitely paid for it this morning. Let’s just put this into perspective, that “simple” night out included me being pushed around (and crashing) in a Sainsbury’s trolley, going through a McDonald’s drive through in an invisible car “We’ve crashed, INSURANCE, INSURANCE! “, people being ordered into an attic, a lot of shots, blu-tack bruises and the wimpiest go on a punching machine.
Whilst searching through my wardrobe for something else entirely I came across a dress that I had not worn in forever and decided I not only wanted to wear that but that I was going to go all out on my look for the night. Usually I will just straighten my hair and do some kind of half up, half down do with very simple make up, but after seeing the girls on Urban Decay do their amazing make up I asked them if they’d do mine for the night. Sam curled my hair with my Babyliss Curl Secret and put the top half up in a quiff (why can’t it look like that everyday, and why don’t I have my own team of stylists!) and then with my dress on I was good to go.
Make Up Urban Decay, applied by the lovely Hannah at their Debenhams counter
What did you get up to this weekend, and what are your thoughts on last night’s look?
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