Murad Essential-C Sun Balm SPF35

“Not wearing a sunscreen daily is one of the worst things people do when it comes to skincare since incidental UV exposure can happen even when you’re not directly in the sun.” Dr Howard Murad

The latest skincare must have for summer has launched and you’d be crazy to not get your hands on it. The portable sun stick with the brand new MuraSol Antioxidant Defense System, dubbed the Essential-C Sun Balm provides SPF protection in a portable package, allowing you to target the areas of the body most exposed to the sun.

Key Ingredients
Broccoli Extract to stimulate skin’s natural defence against UV damage
Tangerine Butter to lock in moisture and leave skin silky smooth
Antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E to defend and protect skin’s health

I don’t know about the rest of you but the worst place I get burnt is the top of my forehead, along the hairline where I don’t want to get loads of sticky sun cream in my hair and don’t go high enough whilst applying. I have the same issue with my ears, if my hair is up then they’re guaranteed to be burnt. I try to use the excuse that I’m ginger and I burn easily but the secret translation is… I’m just really lazy when it comes to sun block application and even worse with re-applying.

June 2014, a date I must note as the first time in god knows how long I sunbathed and did not end up with any major burnt bits. I have finally found the perfect combination of sun protection, using both the Murad Sun Balm and the Ambre Solaire Dry Mist which will be reviewed in a future post. It easily glides on to the skin, without leaving a sticky residue like most sun creams, allowing you to tackle those difficult areas and catching every bit.
At £19.50 it might seem a bit pricey, but consider how much of this you would be
using and how long it would last, AND the protection it gives you, it makes it
worth while. Sounds like a winner to me… Oh wait it was a winner, oh yeah I
went there. Anyone going on holiday should add this to their skincare
essentials… And have a good break sunburn free 🙂

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