L’Oreal Mega Volume Miss Punky Mascara

Break the rules and dare to get punky

L’Oreal have brought out their first Mega Volume texturizing mascara that aims to create an intense spiky effect to your lashes. To achieve this look follow these steps;

1. Hold the wand horizontally and apply generous amounts of product, loading your lashes from root to tip.

2. Next, hold the wand vertically and twirl the tip to stick your lashes together into perfect punky peaks for an unprecedented rebellious lash-look.

3. For an even more precise result, use tweezers to delicately stick your lashes together.

I am not the best when it comes to applying mascara but I found this really easy to use, whilst it’s main aim is to create a spiky effect you can also use it as an everyday mascara. The unique style of the wand catches each individual lash and makes it easy to apply, especially the corner lashes where you have that moment of fear that you’ll end up ruining your make up by getting mascara everywhere. It’s definitely my go to mascara right now, all others have been pushed aside big time.

What’s your favourite mascara right now, have you tried this one yet?
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