Kiss me like you miss me

Neglected. Overlooked. Unloved… All of which can be used to describe my blog of late! I won’t bore you with excuses for my absence in the blogging world but will say that I am back and have plenty of posts I can’t wait to share with you all, but for now a quick update on life right now.

I’ve moved departments at work so I’m now working on Cosmetics, covering the Fine Fragrance department and overseeing the make up counters and it’s the first time I’ve been happy at work since being separated from my Childrenswear family. Being around make up and fragrances everyday feels like the right fit for me, I could just do without the little voice in my head screaming out “BUY! BUY! BUY!” every time I walk past one of the counters.

On Sunday we had our work Christmas party and what a fun night! The one night where you get the majority of your work turn up and get to dance and drink with people who you normally only see for a brief moment on your break here and there. I spent £80 which I could have done without but the best thing is that I’ve not had to untag myself from any photos from the night (well not yet anyway).

This weekend one of my best friends is due home from uni, before she ups and leaves me for Cape Town a few days later, and then the Christmas countdown will truly begin. I have 5 days off over Christmas this year and I actually have 4 different Christmas Days planned. One with each of my parents, including a trip to see The Nutcracker ballet with Mumma, one with Charli of course and then Childrenswear Christmas which will actually be happening within the first week of January when we’re all reunited and work opening hours have returned to normal. Bring on the food 🙂

Guess what? The next Magaluf trip has been planned, and the deposit has been put down. I’ll be returning once again to my second home with Charli in May, only 5 months to go, and we have some crashers this year. We’re going on holiday with boys, OMG right! Don’t worry we haven’t got ourselves all loved up, it’s a friends holiday and should be quite the experience. We’re also looking at going to Shorebeach festival in Croatia two months later, how will the Maga girls cope!

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