Hailing from my home town of Bermondsey is the cutest little retail brand, Jewellery Box, who launched in June 2014. Who doesn’t want a parcel to arrive in this adorable packaging!


After seeing the Jewellery Box stand at the Bloggers Festival, hosted by Scarlett London, I was lucky enough to get a beautiful and delicate silver earrings and necklace set to take home with me. The earrings are little bows, which as a cheerleader I was instantly in love with, only problem being that I don’t have my ears pierced but I have a couple of friends battling it out for them right now. The necklace is a small arrow, which makes me think of cupid and love so it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside when I first saw it.

When I was younger it was all about the over the top statement jewellery for me but as I’ve got older and, I’d like to think more fashionable, I have always veered towards subtle pieces. Instead of overpowering the outfit they add a slight elegance and grace to it, and I was even more pleased that I got a silver set as I personally don’t wear gold jewellery.

The necklaces come in different lengths, and they even sell chain extenders, so this is great for anyone like me that is fussy with where they like a necklace to sit. They have a great range on their site and are really fairly priced. How great are these as a present, it took me a few days to open it because the packaging was just so lovely and I was like a love sick puppy gushing over the tiny pegs. I’d definitely recommend them as a brand, whether you’re treating a friend or just doing some retail therapy, go check them out.
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