HSFW: Interview with Chic And Geek

Tonight’s interview is with Stephanie Fittall from Chic And Geek

How would you describe your brand
I’d describe my brand as commercial with a quirky edge.
What lead you to working with fashion
I got here by the want and need to change my life. I always wanted to work for myself and have my own company, and I also knew that it would end up being in fashion. From a young age I would get new clothes and as soon as I got them home I’d cut them all up and make something new. I always put different looks together and tried to experiment with items. So now i get to do that everyday, so its perfect
How do you define your own personal style
I’d define my personal style as preppy with a hint of glamour. I love shirts and jumpers worn with lots of jewellery. And also I love to wear bright colours, never be afraid of colour!

Who has been your biggest fashion influence
My biggest fashion influence has been the high street if I’m honest. I believe in accessible fashion and so therefore that’s what I want to achieve. Everyone should be able to express themselves by what the wear.
Who do you envision wearing your work
I’d love the Saturdays to wear my clothes! I love them and think they’re really normal down to earth girls, who always look gorgeous and stylish
What is your favourite item from your line
My favourite item online at the moment is our leather look high waisted skirt or the Aztec midi which has been our best seller. Being very new my next lot of clothes isn’t quite ready yet but is going to make an appearance before high street fashion week so don’t worry! I have a geometric patterned dress which will be a part of that, and it comes in a bright blue and a bright purple.

What trends do you see being big for 2013
I love the monochrome look. Its simple, sexy and makes an impact. I also am loving the origami collars, you can do so much with a collar on a shirt. So I’d love to see how far people can take it.
What do you like and dislike about the fashion industry
I like about the fashion industry that its so vast and wide. The opportunity’s are endless and you never know what could be gracing the catwalks next season. Its full of surprise and is a place of art and expression. I don’t like the costs when your at the beginning of your fashion journey
Where would you like to see your brand in 5 years
In 5 years I’d like to have my own store and to be a known brand. I want to be doing this forever and making a living from it. That is all
What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion
I would tell anyone wanting to start a career in fashion to go for it! I’m only at the start of mine and its very full on but also very worth it. If you have the passion, self belief and hard work in you then why cant you succeed. You only live once and life goes by to quickly, so do what makes you happy.

One of my favourites from Chic & Geek is also the Leather Look Skater Skirt, but they have such a great range of items that I would urge you to go look at before they get snapped up, you can find them on their very own website Chic and Geek or on ASOS Marketplace, and you can talk to the lovely Stephanie herself on their Twitter Page. Looking forward to seeing more from them at High Street Fashion Week 🙂

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