Excel For Kids on Kindle

Frankie & Matilda Learn Excel is a fun way to teach your kids how to use some of the basic features of Excel.
A different post from my usual ones today, but I’m having a proud moment because this book was actually written by my Aunt. As a Microsoft Software Trainer she knows all about Excel and the best ways to teach people how to use it.

Frankie and Matilda live in Fig Tree Cottage in a small village in Kent, England, with their Mamma, Lexie. Frankie (a dog) and Matilda (a cat) have been arguing all day about who eats the most food and they decide the best solution is to create a spreadsheet in Excel.
So, with the skills Matilda has learned from Lexie, a computer trainer, and Rudi, the geeky cat from next door, they create a spreadsheet and gradually learn about Excel.
It is £2.99 to purchase, but if you are a Kindle Unlimited customer you get it for free. You can create a spreadsheet like Frankie and Matilda as you follow the story, and there is date available to download to practice in your own time too.
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