Diego Dalla Palma Mascara

Diego Dalla Palma was founded in Milan in 1970 by the makeup artist of the same name. Built on principals of experimentation, the new-generation formulas and dense pigments provide professional quality, creative shades and real staying power.
This is the first semi-permanent mascara, the only mascara that resists water, tears and time and comes off only when you want. At £17 it may seem a bit on the pricy side but when you think you don’t have to reapply everyday it outlasts any other mascara and suddenly seems worth it.
The clue is really in the name with this mascara, semi-permanent, which I failed to notice… Yes it’s massively printed on the product itself, and at first I couldn’t understand why it was so hard to wash this mascara off after only a few hours use.

I am in love with this mascara! I have the brown shade which is less harsh against my fair skin and ginger hair, but it is also available in black too. I have been using it for a few weeks and its definitely become my go-to mascara. It applies evenly and doesn’t clump, and I have worn it for three days in a row without having to reapply or even touch up at all.

The only problem is that it really is hard to wash off, and I wouldn’t suggest trying to apply in a moving vehicle unless you have an extremely steady hand because its no easier to wash off your face.
I may have lost an eyelash or two scrubbing away trying to get this off, but the way it looks on and how long it lasts outweighs this for me and I’ll be sticking with this baby!
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