Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion

“I smell like a Kinder Egg”
The UK’s #1 Cocoa Butter Body Lotion
News flash! I was a Palmer’s virgin up until a couple of months ago, I’m sure I had borrowed their products off friends before but I had never owned it myself. I could not remember what it smelt like so my first thought when using the lotion was that it smelt like Kinder Eggs, and I went all nostalgic and wanted one… I clearly don’t have normal reactions like other people!
The lotion is a creamy moisturiser that left my skin feeling very soft, but I did find it took a while for it to actually absorb into my skin, and I could have done with it being a bit quicker as I hate waiting for greasy hands to dry, but at least I know not to do it just before I need to do anything urgent because I can’t touch anything at first.
What’s your favourite Palmers product, have you used this lotion before?
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