Brave Ladies Swimwear

Teresa Stone and her sister lost their mother to breast cancer, and after being diagnosed themselves they both underwent double mastectomies and reconstruction surgery, which then inspired Teresa to create The Brave Ladies Swimwear Collection, with the help of her best friend Aoife.

The idea to create the company after Teresa had a “disastrous” shopping experience whilst looking for swimwear for an upcoming holiday. Mastectomy tops were dull, frumpy and expensive, and she was told by one particular sales assistant whilst enquiring where they were kept “It’s in the corner over the back dear, as some people take offence to it”.

This is what made Teresa decide to launch her own range of stylish and affordable swimwear. It was difficult to break into an industry she had no background in, but she found a factory to manufacture the special swimwear, and hopes to attract suppliers from high street chains. With around 230,000 procedures happening over the last two years, there was an overwhelming market for better mastectomy clothes. Why shouldn’t any lady be able to feel sexy, comfortable and confident, especially one who has been through such a harrowing experience.

Her aim was to make it fashionable and comfortable for people with or without breasts, so there isn’t a divide. So yes, this swimwear is for everyone, but has discreet pockets inside the tops of the swimwear for their infills – or ‘beanies’ – if you need them.┬áThe beanie bags are made from a quick drying breathable material and filled with micro beans, so are perfect for swimming. ┬áThe material is ultra light and does not curl or shrink” Teresa Stone.

My Mum recently attended an event where the collection was on display and she said was a gorgeous range. The infills for the swimwear is lovely and soft, whereas the ones supplied by the NHS are heavy, almost lead like and so you can imagine how that becomes a problem when going in the water. Cancer is an awful thing that no one should have to go through, and it’s terrible that it can strip a person of their confidence so I think it’s wonderful that Teresa has put a positive spin on her own experience by helping herself and other women in the same position feel comfortable and confident on the beach, and not dread the experience of shopping.

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