Bluewater Showcase Cinema becomes Showcase Cinema De Lux

After a 6 month refurbishment Bluewater welcomes a new addition in the form of an IMAX cinema, sitting alongside it’s 12 other fully digital, 3D capable screens. Along with the IMAX, the VIP Gallery Bar and the newly named Lounge Bar and Café Bar have been completely refurbished.

Charli and I were invited to watch a film and try out the new Showcase experience and we took my sister and Charli’s daughter to watch Earth To Echo. Whilst we watched our film in a standard screen, opposed to the IMAX or the Gallery, we did get the chance to look inside both and all I can say is I now want to go to the cinema a whole lot more! Even the standard screens boast comfort and a better viewing experience and makes other cinemas obsolete in my opinion.

After purchasing your tickets you can purchase food and drinks from the pick & mix stand, Ben & Jerry’s or the cinema foyer counters. Unless you have decide to treat yourself and purchase the £21.45 Gallery tickets you wont need to buy food as it comes with the ticket, you get to watch the film in a plush area of the screen including comfortable luxury sofas or armchairs with extra legroom; a plate of snacks per couple, with nachos, mini muffins, Celebrations & hot drinks.
Have you been to Bluewater since the cinema had it’s refurbishment? If not, I would definitely recommend it.
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