bliss lands at M&S

“Happiness is the highest state of well-being, and it is infused in everything we do.” Bliss’ philosophy

In 1996 Bliss opened a revolutionary spa in New York, as they not only promised to pamper their customers but they also offered advanced skin and body treatments that gave real results. They are now the world’s most famous spa and have expanded to 21 locations across the globe, including here in London.

Bliss have teamed up with Marks and Spencer to give everyone the opportunity to recreate the treatments at home and gain the same spa results. They have a large range including anti-ageing, triple oxygen energizing and firming products.

I am most excited about the fact that they sell the Fat Girl Slim range, because I had this treatment at my local spa in April before going to see Danielle in Newcastle. I like to imagine that I’ll buy the whole range (where all this money is coming from I don’t know) and then I’ll emerge from under the products stick thin. I also love that they use the word slenderise to describe the results, it’s just a fun word to say… Go on. You know you want to say it to yourself right now Slenderise!

The only make up product in their line is the Fabulips Breath Freshing Glossy Balms, which I am so intrigued to try out because HOW does a lip balm freshen your breath? Personally I always end up licking fruity lip balms off my lips so I assume during this process my breath will freshen, but they come in mint, vanilla and citrus, so will my breath just be minty fresh or will I get a citrus burst?

One product that does scare me is the Thinny Thin Chin Neck Firming Cream because I keep imagining someone with a really pointy chin where it has thinned out from over use of the product.

I would definitely recommend having a look at their range if you love to pamper yourself, or even if you are just on the look out for Christmas presents and were stuck for ideas. The lowest priced item is the lip balms at £12, and the highest priced item is the Fat Girl Slim Lean Machine at £120 but there are a lot of products in between these two price points.

What is your favourite treatment to get at a spa? Do you like the idea of being able to recreate the treatments at home?
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