Bikini Body Ready. Hair, bare or scarecly there?

Summer seems to have finally hit us and the days of covering up and gazing longingly at dresses and skirts you’d freeze in are over, for now at least. That means it’s time to get our bodies bikini ready and hair free, so let’s have a look at the different options we have and the pros and cons of each.

The Painful Ripper AKA Waxing

Pros: Lasts between two to six weeks, depending on hair thickness. Does not take up a lot of time. Can be done at home, or by a professional.
Cons: It’s not as easy as it looks. It can be quite painful. Whilst it can last up to six weeks, it can be as quick as two weeks before regrowth. You have to be hairy to wax, needing at least 1/4 inch of hair, and no one wants to wander round in summer waiting for regrowth. You can’t re-wax an area if some hair has been missed.

The Blade Free Unpleasant Scent AKA Depilatory Creams

Pros: Slower and less coarse regrowth. Can be done at home. Does not take up too much time.
Cons: Depending on the brand it can be costly. Chemicals in the product can irritate skin and shouldn’t be used on sensitive skin. Can cause ingrown hairs. Always has a very strong, unpleasant odour.

The Time Saving Bleeder AKA Shaving

Pros: The quickest of all hair removal options. Shaving creams will keep your skin moisturised. Pain free-ish. Cheap and readily available.
Cons: Prone to ingrown hairs. Not suitable for sensitive skin. Hair grows back blunt, and in time appears thicker. Potential razor burns and cuts can happen.

The Long Term Prize AKA Laser Hair Removal
Pros: Best for long term hair removal. Not as time consuming as you would think. You don’t have to wait for hair growth for the treatment. Regrowth is less noticeable. Can be used on sensitive skin.
Cons: Appears to be the more costly option, but in the long run is more worthwhile when you compare it with the cost of shaving and waxing over the years.
Weighing up the pros and cons in my opinion laser hair removal is the best option. If you are considering laser hair removal I would recommend looking at Sk:n. They are highly rated. Out of 338 reviews 86% would recommend it. Prices start from £39 and you can see more about their prices and services on their website.
You are looked after from start to finish, at the pre-treatment consultation you get a personalised treatment plan, fact sheets, a test patch and get a Steps To Perfect Skin voucher pack. After 4 weeks, you get a progress review where progress of your treatment will be checked, the plan will be reviewed and you will get another test patch. Once you have completed your treatments you are invited back to indulge in a free bonus treatment of a deep exfoliating Glycolic Peel so you leave feeling fully revitalised.
What are your thoughts on laser hair removal, have you or anyone you know ever considered it or had it done? What’s your preferred method of hair removal, and why?
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