August Photo Challenge

I’m notorious for starting a photo challenge and making it only a few days in and either forgetting or not having the drive to find something to post that day that is relevant so I just give up and hope no one notices. So this time I have decided to out myself to you all that I am taking part in the August Photo Fun challenge to help myself stick to it. Here’s how I’m doing so far;
You can keep up to date with how I do with the rest of the challenge over on my Instagram, and get the joy of seeing just how much of a drunken mess I really am.
 Day One – #flashbackfriday A mere 9 months ago we had our very first night out and our friendship truly began, and now my beaut is a month away from leaving me 🙁 #imgettinginyoursuitcase
Day Two – #selfie I <3 Urban Decay #letmetakeaselfie
 Day Three – #sundaysupper Immense or what!
Are you doing any photo challenges right now? Leave your Instagram name below 🙂
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