An Update of Epic Proportions

So lately you will have noticed that I have been an extremely bad blogger with a severe lack of posting and no videos going up on my YouTube channel after I said I was starting vlogging and that I had lots of plans for filming, well this post is to explain what has happened to me over the last two months.

So cut back to August and my world went crazy for pretty much the entire month, starting with a three day trip to Newcastle for friend Danielle’s wedding which after 7 years of being engaged was finally happening and she asked me to be her bridesmaid. It took a 7 hour coach journey and a massive fear that the dress wouldn’t fit as I was literally seeing it the day I arrived, also the day before the wedding, cutting it close or what, but luckily it was perfect as was the entire day.

As the saying goes, no rest for the wicked! Literally a few hours after getting in from the reception that went on until the early hours of the morning I was back on a coach so that I was back home for Charli’s birthday celebrations which I actually passed out early at because I was so tired from the madness of the weekend.

When I went home after what felt like ages, but was only actually five days, the family had all gone away for two weeks and were due to get back the day before my birthday, and we all know what you want to do when your family goes away right… Nothing! You were expecting me to say party right, well for me personally I like to do nothing, just because I can. Except that I was straight back to work, which has been really busy for the last few weeks, and I had a couple of events to attend too so there was no relaxing and doing nothing was not an option.

It was my birthday on August 18th, and as I was turning 25 I had planned to go on a second holiday the day after my birthday so I went out to celebrate the week before. I went with a couple of friends to Reflex Nightclub, although I didn’t realise that old school music doesn’t quite cover back in the 80x anymore and it was playing loads of recent songs but we got upgraded to the VIP area because of a mix up and got free shots, and had these yummy cocktails filled with strawberry lace sweets.

After this I was pretty much in holiday mode, I’m one of those people who counts down so far in advance and so I’m pretty useless in the week running up to a holiday. I went to Kavos with one of the girls from work for a week with 18-30s and had some great nights outs including a Paint Party, a Full Moon Party and a daytime outdoor Foam Party, but the location was not the greatest; I was bitten all over by Mosquitos, literally all over, every night, and they are still not up to date with their sewage and plumbing. I had a great time but I don’t think I’ll be going back to Kavos again.

The beginning of September is always crazy at work because we get all the new season’s stock delivered and the second week is always the Mega Sale and as I’m partly in charge of the department I have to do odd shifts and have a lot to get done so most nights I was just so ready to crash.

Although I did manage just to make it to an event for M&S, Not Just Stuff, a jewellery company and a London Fashion Week night out. All of which I want to write about but here’s the biggest problem I’ve had getting back into blogging I can’t upload my pictures onto my laptop! I am having a problem with the SD Card reader on my laptop which is obviously causing a big issue because I could write about all of this but can’t add any photos to posts, this particular post has been done on my iPad and the pictures were already on file or taken from weheartit. I even took some pictures of a mini Debenhams fashion show that we held at work but again I can’t upload them, but I am having this looked into this week so hopefully it will be sorted soon.

I have also had a lot of family events happen over the last few weeks. My aunt recently moved to Germany so we try to see her whenever she is over as she has a UK business, and there are a lot of birthdays in September. Last week we went out for dinner to a very fancy fish restaurant in Wapping where I had the gorgeous scallops, pictured above, followed by Lemon Sole. There was seven of us there so I got to try a lot of different dishes, and I absolutely love fish so it was heaven for me.

Also on Wednesday I went to the filming of the final episode of the second series of The Last Leg with my Mum. For anyone unsure of the show, it’s the show that ran after the Paralympics last year hosted by Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker, which they commissioned to continue as its own series because it was so popular. We were sitting right behind Adam’s desk and my stepdad saw us a few times on the episode but it was a mission to get to as it was at the Wimbledon Studios.

So that’s been life for me over the last six weeks, it’s been mad but things have begun to calm down and once I’ve got the SD issue sorted I should be able to properly blog again and catch you up a bit more on all the things I have attended and bought recently. Also, the reason I haven’t posted any videos on YouTube is because I got some new equipment to improve the quality of the vlogs and they all have European plugs, so I need to order some plug convertors before I can use them.

My gorgeous Glitter Groupies I applaud and thank you you all, for sticking with me, and well done to everyone who made it to the end of this post, and I love you all so much for your continued support xxx
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