A Co-Op Christmas

Clockwise from largest photo; Grab Bag Ham, Cheese and Bucks Fizz Chutney £3.25, Boxing Day Lunch £2.80, Ham Hock and Fig Chutney Rosemary Knott £3, Turkey and All The Trimmings £2.80, Grab Bag Festive Feast £3.25, Cheeseboard Club £2.50

Christmas is becoming more and more expensive with the price of food rising and wages not following in their footsteps, but one supermarket that have decided to buck the trend and not hike up their prices and that is the Co-Op. I wouldn’t blame you for assuming their food is overpriced as I actually did before viewing their Christmas line. After tasting a number of their Christmas lines and previewing the prices I was very impressed with how they managed to maintain low prices without compromising on the quality of the food. I would definitely recommend them to anyone concerned over the cost of Christmas dinner this year, here’s a look at just a handful of the exciting range they are currently selling.

Clockwise from largest photo; Smoked Salmon, King Prawns and Semi Dried Tomato Terrine £6, Crayfish Thermidor Bake £5, Raw Wild Lobster Tails £10, Coquilles St Jacques with Champagne £5, Trio of Speciality Smoke Salmon £6
 Iberico Continental Platter £4, Anti Pasti Platter (Pepperdews, Mixed Olives, Feta and Necella Olives) £4
 Mini Cheese and Onion Souflettes £3, Thai Chicken Lollipops £2 (3 for 2), Fish with Pea and Mint Sauce Party Cones £3, Duck Dim Sum Selection £4, Laksa Coconut Chicken Skewers £4, Duck and Hoi Sin Pyramids £2 (3 for 2), Mini Toad In The Holes £3, Oriental Selection £3, 18 Canapés Selection £2 (3 for 2)
 Christmas Spiced Salmon Side with Honey and Maple Glaze Drizzle (unknown at time of photography), British Crackling Pork Rib Roast £10, 2 Bone Rib Roast £13.99/kg , Large Boneless Pork Leg £3.99/kg (currently half price), Whole Leg Lamb £6.24 (currently half price)
 Roasting Vegetable Pack £2.29, Carrot and Swede Crush £1.75, Red Cabbage £2.29, Pork and Cranberry Chipolatas £3.39 (2 for £5), Cocktail Sausages Wrapped in Bacon £3.39 (2 for £5), Pork, Roasted Shallot and Sage Stuffing Balls £3.39 (2 for £5)
Clockwise from largest photo; Fresh Cream Profiterole Stack £3, Profiteroles £2, Tiramisu £3, Amaretto and Raspberry Semifreddo £4, Scottish Raspberry and Prosecco Terrine £5
Clockwise from largest photo; Chocolate and Cherry Melted Middle Snow Bombe £6, Christmas Pudding Cheesecake £4, Chocolate Cake £4, Blackcurrant Baked Alaska £4, Billionaire’s Cheesecake £4, Chocolate Melt In The Middle Twinpack £2
 10 Mini Belgian Chocolate Eclairs £1, Chocolate Trifle £3, Strawberry Trifle £3, Shot Pots Desserts Selection – Raspberry and Prosecco Jelly, Mandarin and Clementine Panna Cotta and Cherry and Kirsch Jelly £4
 Biscuits for Cheese £3, Baking Camembert and Pancetta £3, Wensleydale and Blackcurrant Truffle, Wookey Hole Cheddar Truckle, Hot and Spicy Cheddar Wedge, Garlic and Herb Roulle, French Brie, Fountains Gold and Black Pepper Wedge (all £2.50, and on offer; 2 cheese blocks/wedges for £4)
 Clockwise from largest photo; Irish Cream Yule Log £4, After Dinner Mint Thins £1, Chocolate Coins £1, Scottish Shortbread Selection £4.50, All Butter Mini Festive Stars Bag £1, Hollow Chocolate Santa £1, Chocolate Rounds Selection £4
 Clockwise from largest photo; Snowman Cake £6, Mince Pie 6 Pack £2, Mini Mince Pie 12 Pack £2, Christmas Cake £5, Christmas Holly Wreath Iced Ring Doughnuts £1.29, Chocolate and Orange Cake £6, 12 Salted Caramel Shortcake Bites £2
 Clockwise from largest photo; Truly Irresistible Premier Cru Chablis 2012 £14.99, Prosecco NV £9.99, Les Pionniers Champagne NV £16.99, 12 Pack Family Crackers £5, Christmas Decoration Bundle – Christmas Tree 6ft, Lights and Decorations £29.99, Sage and Onion Bloomer, Cranberry Bloomer, Mature Cheddar and Jalapeno Loaf – all £1.39, Christmas Cards (packs of 5 and 10) between £1.50 and £2.50
A range of beautiful floral bouquets are being sold this year, ranging in price from £2.50 to £20
My favourite Christmas special from Co-Op this year is their Large Scallops with Garlic Butter. There is 6 in every packet and it retails at just £5, tell me where else you could find such a great deal! I will be spending Christmas Eve with my best friend Charli and our entire dinner will be from The Co-Op, we’ve already made our list and she will be picking it up on Monday whilst I’m at work and Scallops are definitely the priority item.
All prices were given to me during the tasting earlier in the year and there was a number that were undecided at the time
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