2014, Let’s Be Having You

I ended 2013 dancing the night away, harassing the general public and drinking fun cocktails, one with strawberry lace sweets in the drink and the other served in a glitter ball, with my best friend Charli, and we have entered 2014 with a number of exciting plans already in place.

In just 5 weeks we are going to see Taylor Swift at The O2, and then in May because I have the bestest friend EVER we are going to see McBusted, which was one of my Christmas presents, literally the day before we fly off for our yearly trip to Magaluf which is in exactly 137 days! And there might even be a second trip to Maga this year as two of my other friends want to go and of course Charli has added herself onto that guestlist, well I couldn’t go without her could I.
I also have a few plans without Charli, shock horror I know, but 2014 may end up being one big holiday year for me as this year my Mum turns 50 and she is celebrating by going to Spain in April and New York in September among other things, but she wants to have all the family on both holidays so that is already ranking up to a potential four holidays… And there may be a 5th in the form of a weekend in Amsterdam to mend a broken heart, not mine just to clarify.
I haven’t really made resolutions this year, well not any I can say on here 😉 but I do want to be more active and I am planning to start Pole Dancing and Cheerobics very soon. Both of which are hour long classes that take place once a week. I tried the whole going to the gym thing but I’m just not cut out for it, I like stuff that keeps me interested and I think both these classes will be perfect. I have also bought a Slendertone belt that helps improve your abs so I will let you know how I get on with that.
What plans do you have for the year ahead, have you made any resolutions?
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