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Autumn Days Out from Ruth of MelaninTalks

First of all I’d like to say thank you to Tanya ( for giving me the opportunity to feature on her blog as a guest. I like nothing more than working with other bloggers on a collaboration and getting to network further. On today’s post I will be giving you a list of things that you can do during Autumn/Winter, instead of keeping yourself all cooped up inside, as I know how tempting it is to stay inside where its warm and your cup of hot chocolate only being within an arm’s reach.

However, what I’ve learned in the last couple of days is that “great things never come from comfort zones”; try to break from that warm and comfortable couch, to go explore what the season has in offer. And so, without further babbling I’ll start listing things to do for days out during Autumn/Winter season.

Visit a Christmas market

Go to your local independent café

Have a walk around the park

Do an early Christmas shop

Visit a new city for the day

Organise to network with other bloggers

Drag a family member or even a friend out for a fun activity

Visit a theme park

Join a book club (if your town has one or even start one up)

Take pictures for the gram #autumnaesthetic

So there we are with 10 ideas to do to spend your Autumn/Winter season outside instead of at home. Everyone deserves to go and see more of what the season has to offer. I can definitely say that you won’t be able to see much of it cooped up inside hahah, so give yourself a challenge and try one of the activities above before the opportunity passes.

I hope you enjoyed reading the blog post everyone. If you have any other fun suggestions to do in the Autumn/Winter season, leave them below in the comments section.

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Twitter: @ruthholondo_

Wishing you a happy season!

Yours Truly,

Melanin Talks x

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