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fitness charity run (1)Over the years I have signed up to numerous gyms, both alone and with friends. Usually within a few months I realise I’m pointlessly paying out money as I don’t actually go or I do and spend more time talking to the friend I went with or just stuck to a pitiful cardio routine as I was scared of “boy corner”. Last year this all changed.

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Last January I joined the gym opposite my work and vowed to do it properly and I can happily say that I did and I dropped a dress size to boot. I went with a girl from work who had been going with a group of guys so she had a lot of knowledge including weight training and pushed me to stretch myself and achieve things I didn’t think I could. I even started going to the gym with the boys, and alone doing a proper workout and not a half arsed attempt like I used to. I could see the difference in not only my physical strength but how I looked, Timehop was throwing chipmunk cheek photos at me daily, and weirdly enough one of the first things people noticed was when my face got slimmer and more defined.

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In 2014 I took part in the 10k Race For Life with some girls from work, none of us were particularly fit so we walked the course but still raised money for a great cause, and were proud of the time we did accomplish. This year I have decided to do two 5ks, which I plan to run alongside my best friend Charli who also chose last year to begin her fitness journey. We are already signed up for the Race For Life 5k in July, and we are waiting for one of the dates and venues to be released for the Color Obstacle Rush race in June. I look forward to another great fitness year, attending the gym twice a week and cheerleading once a week, betting all my personal bests with my weights and hopefully being a part of the official cheerleading squad.

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