Household Hacks For Those Who Don’t Want To Clean All Day

We all want a clean home, but it’s not unreasonable to want it to be a little less work. The truth is that many of us give ourselves a lot more to do than we should. That’s why we’re going to take a look at some of these handy hacks and design decisions that can keep the home much easier to clean, giving you more time to enjoy it.

Make a real entryway

Setting aside a portion of the front hall to serve as a real entryway, or mudroom as House and Home calls it, is such a simple way to minimise the dirt brought into the home. A welcome mat is one thing but giving guests and family members cubbies for their shoes and places to put their coats will mean that they track a lot less of their dirt into the home. Of course, this area needs to be cleaned regularly to stop it from becoming unsightly but it’s much easier than cleaning the whole floor.

Cut the clutter

Your things can make dirt of their own, too. Decluttering the home will not only help you free up a little space, making the home feel airier and fresher. Dust and debris circulate around the home and gets caught on all that clutter. The more random objects and knick-knacks you have lying around, the more dust catches, and the longer you have to spend dusting on and around those items. By keeping a home without clutter, you give yourself a home that’s much easier to simply brush, wipe, and move on.

Choose minimal fuss surfaces

If you’re installing new floors, walls, or bathroom and kitchen surfaces, aim for those that don’t take quite as much effort to take care of. For the kitchen, natural materials like granite are an easy option. If your bathroom tiles are constantly at risk of mould and discolouration, look at cladding options from suppliers like Bathroom Marquee. Cladding requires no grout, meaning there’s nothing to bleach, and mould can’t grow on it, either. The same goes for your window treatments. If your home would look just as good with shutters or blinds, you have less use for curtains which can become havens for dust.

Storage is the solution

When you need to tidy the home quick but it’s full of old papers, toys, and clothes that you don’t have the time to put away properly, storage can be just the thing you need. Having little wicker hampers in discrete places in every room can help you make the home welcoming in a few moments when you’re pressed for time. Hidden storage ideas from sites like Cutedly Projects make it even easier to keep them out of sight and out of mind until you have the peace to tidy properly.

Of course, the hacks above aren’t going to completely eliminate the need for you to regularly do a little tidying up, dusting, and wiping. However, it will free up a lot of the time previously spent slaving on the home, which is plenty of cause for celebration.

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  • Reply Vicky Excell

    Sound advice and should cut down on the amount of work I do every single day.

    August 20, 2018 at 3:31 pm
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