Cosy Vibes: Treat Your BFFs To Dinner At Your Place

Sadly, summer seems to be coming to an end and the colder weather will be approaching. You’ve probably already thought about packing the BBQ away, and might be looking forward to spending cosy nights in; even if you’re not, autumn isn’t that far away. However, just because the longer days are becoming shorter, and Halloween and the festive season aren’t quite here yet; you don’t have to become a recluse in your home and forget about the social side of life. If braving the chilly air outside just isn’t going to happen when you want to meet up with your girl gang; it’s the perfect excuse to throw a dinner party at home.

Sharing food with your favourites on a weeknight or weekend, will help you to ease into the new season happily and healthily. You won’t be sad that summer is over; you’ll be excited for all the new stuff there is to look forward to. Make sure the dress code is comfy, and prepare to eat some tasty food, chat, and plan a getaway, especially if you’re all dreading a temperature change. The following are some ideas and inspiration for those who want September to be just as fun as summer has been, and can’t wait to invite some of their favourite people over for a cosy night in, full of food.

The Vibe

Whether you fancy going all out and throwing a formal get-together (brave), or you want a relaxed affair that focuses on the food and company (highly recommended); you’ll want to figure out where and how you’re going to serve what you’ve cooked. Make sure that seating is comfortable; you may be sat at the table for quite a while, long after the food has been finished, so add cushions and even throws for later in the evening, to give your guests a warm and cosy feeling. Remember that you’re the host; no matter how familiar your guests are, you’ll want to give them a special evening, so keep ensuing their drinks are topped up and they have everything they want throughout the night.

The Food

The food you serve will be the reason why everyone showed up; as well as your company of course. Therefore, you’ll want to plan your meal in advance and make sure that you can create each dish successfully on the night. The day of your get-together is not the moment to be testing out a recipe for the first time, so stick to familiar meals and things that you’ve practiced beforehand. Even if you’re ordering from Deliveroo, it’s worth figuring out what everyone is going to want to eat so that it can be ordered ASAP.

If you’re going to cook, make sure you spend the week before gathering all your ingredients together and ensuring you’ve ticked everything off your list regarding what’s in the fridge, cupboards, and ready to be combined for a delicious feast. Think about the morning after if you have guests staying over; whether you need to buy coffee online, stock up on cereal, or treat them to croissants, preparation is key. The more pressure you take off yourself on the day, the calmer you’ll be at your party, and you’ll be able to focus more on having the best time.

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  • Reply Sarah Bailey

    These are some great tips – there is nothing quite like holding a get together but it is 100% easier in summer as you have more space to utilise. So these are some tips to try and make for the perfect autumn get together.

    September 17, 2018 at 8:51 pm
  • Reply Kara

    Fab tips, it has been such a long time since we have had friends around for dinner

    September 18, 2018 at 10:20 am
  • Reply Kate

    That’s such a lovely idea. A special date night with BFFs. Great tips!

    September 18, 2018 at 11:33 am
  • Reply Stephanie Merry

    Great tips – I love having my friends and family over for dinner. I just wish I had a little more space x

    September 20, 2018 at 8:32 am
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