16, 11, 2018

Design Your Own Platinum Perfume Experience for Two with Buyagift

If you are struggling with what to buy someone for Christmas this year or would like to treat yourself to a nice day out, I would highly recommend buying a Buyagift Experience Day. Not only do they have a huge range of experiences, but you can exchange to another option for free if it’s not your cup of tea. Buyagift are the UK’s leading Gift Experience provider and after having Afternoon Tea with them earlier in the year they very kindly invited me to book myself onto the Design Your Own Platinum Perfume Experience for Two and it arrived in the post just a few days later.

The booking in process is done online is very quick and easy, provided you pay attention and read everything correctly which I’m sure you can guess I didn’t and promptly ended up very confused. Backtracking and re-reading the instructions I entered all the relevant information on the voucher activation page and then you are directed to the Perfume Studio website where you can choose from the 20 locations available. With the array of location options, you should be able to find a venue nearby that offers the experience. You will then receive a list of dates and times available at your chosen venue and if you can’t find a date that suits you just keep checking back as they regularly update the website.

The Platinum Package includes a consultation on the perfume making process, a glass of bubbly (at the seven flagship locations only) and a trained perfume consultant who takes you through all 21 perfume blends created by their perfumer. You get to design and name your own perfume and take it home in a 20ml purse spray atomiser that comes in a range of colours. You also get full membership of The Perfume Studio including registration of your personalised perfume in their fragrance library.

We made our way to Hilton Kensington and were easily directed to the room that we would be creating our perfumes, it was finally time to make Glam Glitz Gloss the perfume a reality. Our Fragrance Consultant Warren was extremely knowledgeable and welcoming to the entire group, of roughly 24 people, and describe the importance and differences between base, mid and top blends created by Francois Robert, master perfumer.

Base notes stay on the skin for around 7 hours, mid notes for around 5 hours and top notes for just 3 hours, so you want to avoid overdoing top notes as your perfume won’t last very long. We were shown the difference between using double or half measures compared to a single drop of scent. Picking a scent is such a personal experience and it was really interesting to see all the different responses to each scent across the room. Whilst you may love a scent the person sat next to you may hate it and associate it with an old memory and it’s an instant right off for them.

It’s also easy to be swayed on a scent, if you are the only one at a table of 8 saying you love the current blend but everyone else is firmly against it you can begin to overthink things and wonder should you hate it too. When we got a bit scent blind, easily happens when you are smelling 21 different blends, there were coffee beans on the table to smell to refresh your sense of smell. If you’re like me and the smell of coffee makes you feel sick, then you can smell the inside of your elbow because it doesn’t carry any scent but make sure to not be smelling through your clothes or you’ll start picking up fabric softeners etc.

Warren recommended not exceeding 5 different blends in your perfume and once you had settled on your final combination you simply filled in a little booklet highlighted which blends you wanted and in what quantity. You have the option at this point to upgrade your experience should you wish to; the Gold Experience comes with a 5ml glass bottle of perfume, then comes our Platinum Experience with the 20ml Atomiser, and finally Diamond which comes with a 30ml glass atomiser.

We decided to stick with our Platinum Experience as the 20ml Atomisers came in a range of lovely colours including the red and light pink bottles that we chose. For an additional £5 you could get a gold, silver or black bottle with a sparkly top, but we were already in love with the colours we chose that we stuck with those. There is a Perfume Experience that also includes Afternoon Tea and if you have this they will bring your finished perfume to your table otherwise you just wait in the room for a few moments whilst they make up all the perfumes live in front of you.

I am so pleased with my Glam Glitz Gloss perfume and the whole family agreed that it was a lovely scent when I got home. My Mum called her perfume Sam Ee as her name is Sam, but everyone calls her Sammy, and whilst we had already picked our names before even arriving on the day a lot of people struggled to come up with a name on the day so definitely get thinking about what sort of name really captures you. We both had a really great day and everyone on our table said they really enjoyed themselves too. I would highly recommend it as not only a present for someone but also just as a unique day out for yourself and a friend or family member, and it’s not just for the ladies as we had a number of men in our group making their own colognes.

*The Gift Experience was gifted by Buyagift for the purpose of review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

8 responses to “Design Your Own Platinum Perfume Experience for Two with Buyagift”

  1. I was invited to this too and I really wanted to attend but couldn’t make it. It looks a fab experience and I love buyagft for experience gifts, Mich x

  2. what a lovely idea for gift, sounds so fab. I think personal and personalised gifts are much better than any old generic thing

  3. Katie says:

    This sounds like an amazing day, I’m baking this for a hen party or birthday experience.

    Katie xoxo

  4. Kelsey says:

    Oh I have always wanted to try making my own perfume! I’m glad you enjoyed your experiance so much, this looks like a great Christmas gift idea

  5. Jenny says:

    I love gifting an experience rather than a gift, I think it lasts much longer.

  6. Sally Akins says:

    I did something like this a couple of years ago and it was fantastic fun. I’d definitely think it would make an excellent gift idea!

  7. I always buy the afternoon tea and activity days with them. The perfume workshop sounds great.

  8. Oh wow what a cool experience!! I love the options and everything you can choose from with Buy A Gift but didn’t know they did a Perfume day! What fun

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