05, 04, 2015

Laptop Choices

I’m currently in mourning over the sad fact that the fan on my laptop has broken and so I’m stuck with the choice of whether I should get the fan fixed or just get a brand new laptop all together, and I need to decide soon as this will affect my blogging (I’m currently on my sister’s laptop).

If anyone happens to know how much getting the fan on a HP laptop would cost then I’d be interested to know. If it’s not much then I will just get it fixed otherwise I’ll have to get a brand new laptop, which leads me to my next question… Which one to get? I have been looking on Very at the selection of laptops they currently have available and from all I’ve looked at two have particularly stuck out to me; an Apple MacBook or a HP Pavilion. The Pavilion is much cheaper than the MacBook but the MacBook has features that can benefit a blogger more so I’m now stuck contemplating what to do.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated; MacBook, HP Pavilion or fix the fan?

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  1. Arianne says:

    I think just get a new one 🙂 I got the Macbook Pro as an early Christmas present for myself last year and it's the best investment besides my car I've ever made. it's safer than a PC because it doesn't get a lot of virus. Also, it has a huge screen and amazing overall, especially as a blogger (and a YouTuber)..


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