05, 11, 2015

The Disney Tag

No matter how old I get I will always have a special love for Disney. I’m more of an old school Disney lover, with my favourite after all these years still being classics like Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, so when I saw The Disney Tag floating around cyber space I had to take part.

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01, 11, 2015

Happy Halloween

Halloween is one of my favourite times of years, any excuse to pull out the fancy dress paired with an exaggerated make up look will always have me hooked.

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11, 10, 2015

An Instagram Month

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08, 10, 2015

UK Travel Wishlist

Last weekend four of us took a road trip up to Manchester to celebrate one of my best friend’s birthday, there was singing to an array of songs, annoying each other, service stops, naps, a fight to get everything in the boot, junk food, several booze runs (FYI, for when we arrived), football chants… As you do. The usual road trip fun, and it made me want to abuse my friends who can drive and do it again to new and already visited places.Read more »

04, 10, 2015

Manchester Road Trip

This blogger is currently on her way home from Manchester after reuniting with one of her best friends for her birthday. Claire drove for about 16 hours this weekend to get myself, Sam and George there and back, and all I can say is I am far too tired, hungover and possible slightly drunk to post anything of importance or relevance today, so here’s some pictures of us in Manchester.Read more »

01, 10, 2015


Hailing from my home town of Bermondsey is the cutest little retail brand, Jewellery Box, who launched in June 2014. Who doesn’t want a parcel to arrive in this adorable packaging!

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27, 09, 2015

Mum’s Birthday Meal, Chapter One

Today is my Mum’s birthday and after giving her a Kate Spade Handbag and a Victoria Secret hoodie (did alright didn’t she) we went for dinner at Chapter One. Chapter One is what fine dining is about, exceptional food in a stylish setting. They believe that offering value for money is just as important as award-winning food.

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20, 09, 2015

Brave Ladies Swimwear

Teresa Stone and her sister lost their mother to breast cancer, and after being diagnosed themselves they both underwent double mastectomies and reconstruction surgery, which then inspired Teresa to create The Brave Ladies Swimwear Collection, with the help of her best friend Aoife.

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13, 09, 2015

Bloggers Lunch & Bloggers Festival

Saturday 5th saw Scarlett London throw another one of her fabulous blog events, Bloggers Festival, and beforehand I met a number of lovely bloggers at Pizza Express for Bloggers Lunch, hosted by Holly Crouch and the lovely sisters from Soeurs De Luxe.

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06, 08, 2015

GlamGlitzGloss Will Be Returning

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