21, 05, 2018

Its Your Bottle Personalised Prosecco


As a big fan of Prosecco you can only begin to imagine how excited I was to be contacted by Its Your Bottle to try out one of their handmade Personalised Wine Gifts. It’s Your Bottles are a personalised gifts supplier, providing handmade bespoke wine for events and occasions, who’s aim is to provide a service which is truly tailored to you.

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21, 02, 2018

Brushbox Oral Care Subscription Box

Odontophobia; fear of going to the dentist. This is me in a nutshell, and as such I have be on top of my oral care so I can avoid the dentist at all costs, and because of this I happen to know things like how often you should be changing your toothbrush. Did you know the optimum time to change your toothbrush is not only every 2-3 months, but also before the bristles fray and after you’ve been ill. If the answer is no, you are not alone with an estimated 75% not replacing their toothbrush when they are supposed to, and this is where Brushbox comes in as your saviour.Read more »

24, 12, 2017

Rekorderlig Cider Lodge

The South Bank has been transformed into a Winter Festival and along the water front is the Rekorderlig Cider Lodge which you must plan a trip to before it closes on the 6th January. It’s as if a little German village has popped up in London, once you walk past the market stalls, the Christmas tree and all the twinkling Christmas lights you’ll find the lodge itself. Two storeys high with a well staffed bar inside serving ciders and other drinks you can stay inside at one of the many tables and chairs or sit outside around the fires.Read more »

08, 05, 2017

The Leigh Koslow Mystery Series, Edie Claire

I’ve never really posted about books before yet I read between 5-7 books every month, which I know because this year I decided to track my reads and see how much I can get through in a year. I’ve always enjoyed reading and over the years I’ve come to realise that my favourite books to read are from the Crime, Thriller and Mystery genre, and in particular I love a series that you can sink your teeth into. So I’ve decided it’s time for me to start including book reviews on the blog, and I’ll be starting with The Leigh Koslow series by Edie Claire.Read more »

22, 02, 2017

The Bannatyne Spa Orpington

I always seem to be having conversations with friends about booking a spa weekend or going for a spa day, but it just never seems to come to fruition. This all changed recently when the Spa Manager from The Bannatyne Spa in Orpington invited me to the opening day of the spa.
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