28, 07, 2017

Holly’s Lollies Alcoholic Sweets

Hands up if you know that I like a drink, an alcoholic drink that is. Everyone's hands up? Thought so! So I'm sure you can all imagine when I heard about Hollys Lollies. alcoholic sweets I had to treat myself, and because I'm so lovely I bought some for friends and family too.Read more »

23, 05, 2017

SORTEDfood and Co-Op presents NowCookIt

Earlier in the year I told you all about the #CookingGap, the partnership between Co-Op and SORTEDfood to tackle the lack of cooking experience that has developed in the 16-35 generation in the UK. Through Co-Op’s research and SORTEDfood visiting schools and universities, and much more hard work, Now Cook It was born.Read more »

16, 01, 2017

SORTEDfood and Co-op #CookingGap

SORTEDfood and Co-op have teamed up to tackle the cooking skills gap in the UK, dubbed the #CookingGap. The Cooking Gap is the lack of cooking experience that has developed in the 16-35 generation, whether it’s from not being taught these skills in school, not being taught how to cook at home or even the new notion that cooking and baking is a hobby rather than a vital skill.

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12, 12, 2016

Co-Op Christmas

Deliciously light, adventurous, quick to prepare and cook starters. All the components to make Christmas Dinner in under hour! Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Free From, Convenience. Show-stopping trimmings. Mouth watering desserts. You will get all of this and more at Co-Op this Christmas, at bargain prices you won’t quite believe.
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25, 08, 2016

Caramel, Almond & Sea Salt Kind Bar

Kind Fruit & Nut Bars

“We believe if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, it shouldn’t go into your body”Read more »

17, 07, 2016

Roam & Relish

Roam&Relish Eversfield Farm

Meat. My favourite word, my favourite food! I had never tried pastrami before coming across the Roam & Relish table at the Bloggers Ball, and after seeing Ana try some and hearing her good feedback I had to give it a go myself, and we even got a pack to take home with us.Read more »

15, 05, 2016

Big Easy Unlimited Boozy Brunch


IMG_1546-e1461859731625 (1)Big Easy is an American dining restaurant providing the tastes of the Southern States, and is based in Canary Wharf, Covent Garden and Kings Road, London. Alongside serving home-style lobster, ribs and chicken wings with big-screen daytime sport and live music at night, they have daily specials such as Lobster Fest, Unlimited Fajitas and Unlimited Boozy Brunch.Read more »

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