09, 02, 2018

Be My Valentine Gift Guide

Valentines Day doesn’t need to be the pressure filled day that you dread whether it be getting the perfect gift for your other half, or spending it alone because you’re single. Valentines is all about celebrating love right, well surely if you’re single it doesn’t exempt you from feeling love towards another person. This is my Valentines Gift Guide for the woman in your life, whether she’s your other half, your best friend, your mum or even yourself. Happy Valentines Day from me to me has a nice ring to it don’t you think.

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24, 01, 2018

Let Your Love Bloom l Prestige Flowers

It’s only three weeks to Valentines Day and whilst some may argue that flowers are a clique I say a beautiful bouquet would be a great gift to receive. I was lucky enough to receive a delivery from Prestige Flowers Valentine’s Gift Range that included 12 stunning red roses.Read more »

18, 01, 2018

To Kiss Or Not To Kiss

First dates for the majority of people are a minefield of pressurised moments from the decisions before the date has begun like what to wear and where you should go. Once you get there you have to worry about whether there will be any awkward silences or if they like you too, and for some of us we are waiting to see whether we will get that kiss at the end of the date.Read more »

06, 11, 2017

Speed Dating with Original Dating

Awkward. Uncomfortable. Last resort. These were some of the thoughts that came to mind whenever I thought about speed dating but there was always another trying to break through too and that was intrigue. You hear some absolute horror stories of Speed Dating but there’s always been something about it that has me hooked and considering going but I didn’t know where to start, so when Original Dating were looking for bloggers to trial their service I couldn’t not speak to them about a collaboration.

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