09, 06, 2017

60 Day Make Up Spending Ban – Week One

Nars Unfiltered II Cheek PaletteIf you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that lately there’s been an abundance of make up pictures. I have so many new palettes and yes I know I owe you all a lot of swatch pictures and they’re coming I promise, but right now let’s get back to the reason for this post. After realising I’d gone a little crazy with my eBay make up hauls I decided to put myself on a 60 day makeup spending ban and here’s how week one has gone.Too Faced Natural Love Palette Anastasia Beverly Hills ABH Moon Child Highlighter Palette Anastasia Beverly Hills ABH Sweets Glow Kit Highlight Palette Colour Pop Highlight and Lip Haul Spectrum Brush Pearly Queen Make Up Brush Set Must Have Minis Fresh F.A.C.E Spectrum Brushes

The first thing I made myself do was go through my make up collection and I stumbled all these hidden gems I’d completely forgotten about. After getting a pretty bad highlighter addiction I had completely forgot about the Anastacia Beverly Hills Moonchild Palette which has quite unique highlighter shades. I found my Bare Minerals Stroke of Light and my Guerlain Terracota Bronzer which were my go to products when I first started practicing how to contour. I realised I had completely fallen out of love with red lipstick after a love affair with them last year. Why exactly did I think I needed a dozen red lipsticks, all of which are not that different in shade.

For someone who doesn’t wear makeup on a daily basis I have quite an extensive collection but seem to get caught in the hype of buying a new product and obsessively using that until a new one catches my eye. I’ve realised that I’d rather pay that little extra for a better quality of make up and that Urban Decay and Bare Minerals are as always my favourite brands.

The main thing I have taken from this first week though is that I want to get back to experimenting and practicing make up more. One, it will help me run down my products and two, you won’t ever improve if you don’t try. I was the manager of a makeup counter for a year but left as I didn’t feel like I was being taught enough and that I was doing better watching YouTube tutorials, getting tips from friends and just generally having a play and I would feel so proud when I accomplished a look I’d been working on. Seriously, you should have seen the amount of people I messaged when I did my first banging smoky eye, alongside a picture of course. Who knows, maybe I’ll even get good enough that I’ll feel confident about posting tutorials on YouTube myself.

One great thing about having all these products though is it’s gives me a chance to work on my photography and even if I do say so myself my Instagram flat lays have improved so much lately. I’ve started taking them on my DSLR and once they are downloaded to my phone I only need to do a slight tweak with the brightness and contrast levels and in comparison to what I’d been previously posting I am so proud of how my account now looks. If you fancy taking a look I’m GlamGlitzGloss on there as I am everywhere.

Do you feel like you need to go on a Spending Ban? What’s your biggest make up weakness?

13 responses to “60 Day Make Up Spending Ban – Week One”

  1. hannah says:

    I could never go on a spending ban, it would just be impossible for me to do. I’m a total makeup junkie so a spending ban would be out of the question

  2. StressedMum says:

    I used to be the same when I was younger and had so much make up I could have opened my own shop. These days I am a lot more restrained and will try to buy as I need to replace or if I am going somewhere special I will have to treat myself to something new.

  3. Elodie says:

    I also like to “shop” my own stash whenever I go on a spending ban. That definitely helps with makeup but I still can’t seem to stop buying jewellery. Ha!

    – Elodie x

  4. melanie says:

    Wow you are brave setting yourself such a challenge – 60 days is along time too – Go you ! 🙂 x

  5. Jenni says:

    I don’t splurge out on make up bits. Home bits and clothes are my weakness. I do need to go on a spending ban this month now though! I love the pink and purple make up brushes 🙂

  6. I like the brushes. They are cute and look good quality.. I think I could do this challenge with ease but I could not give up chocolate for 60 days.

  7. your pictures look beautiful hun, I am really trying to cut back on buying random crap in superdrug but like you I am always drawn in by new ‘cult’ products. I’ve been investing more too and it’s definitely worth it. xx

  8. It’s too easy to splurge on make-up! Great idea to rummage through supplies you may have forgotten about…good luck with your challenge 🙂

  9. actually I haven’t bought myself any make up for a while. I am really loving these palettes and might have to treat myself to one soon

  10. Its been a while since I last bought makeup but I am tempted so often because they are so much available. Good luck with your challenge.

  11. Colette says:

    I used to spend so much money on make up – it’s easy to splurge isn’t it – but I rarely get chance now so probably wouldn’t find a 60 day ban too hard. I do think it’s good to go through your stash occasionally and see what you’ve forgotten about!

  12. Savi says:

    I love the idea of a spending ban. We all end up buying so much more than we need thanks to Youtube and Instagram -it’s a real conundrum

  13. Laura H says:

    Ooh this is such a good idea! I feel like I need to do this because I’ve accumulated SO much stuff over the years!

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