16/ 05/ 2018

Vanity Magnification Mirror with Spence and I

One of the biggest struggles with doing your make top is making sure you can get the right lighting so that you don’t end up an unflattering shade of orange or to have an unblended line of foundation. Another issue I sometimes have is needing a magnified mirror to create the best look when it comes to my eyes and eyebrows, so you can imagine how pleased I was to be sent a Vanity Magnification Mirror with LED Lights, Touch Screen and 3 different magnified screens from Spence And I.
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14/ 05/ 2018

London Open-Top Sightseeing Bus Tours with MegaBus

Megabus have branched out and now offer budget non-stop London open-top sightseeing bus tours. Start your tour from one of three available locations; The London Eye, Tower of London or Park Lane, and sit back and relax whilst taking in 50 world-famous landmarks including The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.Read more »

11/ 05/ 2018

Personalised Letterbox Cake with Baker Days

Have you ever been stuck for what to buy someone for a present, or worried about it arriving at their house only to be sent to the local sorting office as it didn’t fit through the letterbox. You can wipe that worry from your mind with the Personalised Letterbox Cakes from BakerDays which are perfect for celebrating any occasion.Read more »

09/ 05/ 2018

iPhone X VS Samsung S9 Plus: London Photowalk with Three

Last month I was invited to take part in a Photowalk in London with Three to test out the cameras on the iPhone X and Samsung S9 Plus. I met with Kellee from Three, photographer Rob Percy and a handful of bloggers at Bermondsey station to begin our day of exploring London and testing the different camera settings across some of the city’s sights before finishing up at the Tate Modern.
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04/ 05/ 2018

Brand Building Workshop: Collaborations and Going Full Time

I learnt so much at the Currys PC World and Microsoft Office’s Brand Building Workshop, hosted by Anna Hart, founder of South Molton Style and One Roof Social, that I couldn’t fit it all into one post without you switching off halfway through and missing out on some great advice and insight into the world of blogging. In this post I will be discussing how to gain collaborations, when is the right time to go full time with blogging and some more helpful apps and kit.
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02/ 05/ 2018

Brand Building Workshop: Blogger or Social Influencer

Over the past few years bloggers have firmly cemented their place in the journalistic world and suddenly we are seeing an influx of influencers both on a large and micro scale. Have you ever taken the time to think about whether you would class yourself as a blogger or an influencer, are you even aware of the difference between the two? This was one of many topics discussed in Currys PC World and Microsoft Office’s Brand Building Workshop I attended recently, hosted by the lovely Anna Hart, founder of South Molton Style and One Roof Social.Read more »

23/ 04/ 2018

Ras Al Khaimah – A Food Wishlist

I was recently looking at my travel wish list and one that stuck out to me was Ras Al Khaimah, the northernmost emirate of the United Arab Emirates. Ras Al Khaimah is known for it’s Arabian Gulf beaches and the RAK National Museum which is housed inside a centuries old fort. I would love to go to the Ice Land Water Park, hit the dessert riding a dune buggy and visit Jebel Jais, the highest mountain in the UAE, where I would grapple with my fear of heights to go on the world’s longest zipline – Jebel Jais Flight. The main part that drew me in to Ras Al Khaimah though would have to be the food as they play host to a multitude of cuisines which hooked the foodie within, so I’m going to share with you my wish list of restaurants to visit in Ras Al Khaimah.Read more »

20/ 04/ 2018

Would An Arm Lift Affect Muscle Mass

An arm lift is also known as a Brachioplasty. It is a surgical operation that is carried out on people with saggy, droopy arms due to various factors like age, genetics, and weight loss. The procedure leaves a person with a better-looking arm after the removal of excess fat. Brachioplasty is a cosmetic surgery that is usually sought by people who need to meet certain psychological and emotional needs. It might be that you wish to wear sleeveless clothes or show off your arms but you cannot because they are flabby and loose.Read more »

18/ 04/ 2018

The Summer Tag

As the sun has finally decided to grace us with its presence and it finally feels like summer is well on its way I decided to take part in a cheeky little Summer Tag. Summer is my favourite season and so I love in Spring when the sun comes out to play as it gets me all excited for summer holidays, trips to the beach, hitting the races, cocktails in the sun and the summer wardrobe finally coming out to play, this girl is not about the winter wardrobe let me tell you.Read more »

13/ 04/ 2018

Is Your Teen Ready For A Nose Job

Many teens want plastic surgery, and part of this is due to the influence of their peers and the media. However, there are times when procedures such as a nose job are appropriate. In fact, plastic surgery performed for the right reasons can have a variety of benefits, including higher self esteem and less insecurity. So how is a parent to know when their teen is ready?Read more »

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